Educational Leadership Program Review Project (ELCC)

There are a variety of agencies and agents who share the concern of the National Policy Board for improving the training of educational leaders within schools and districts.  The ELCC was appointed by the NPBEA Board in 1996 to serve as a specialized educational provider within the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) (formerly known as NCATE) program review process to evaluate and recognize educational leadership preparation programs at colleges and universities that meet NPBEA’s Program Recognition Standards. Educational leadership practitioners and higher education faculty serve on program review teams to review and analyze leadership preparation programs that are submitted for CAEP accreditation.  An ELCC audit committee consisting of NPBEA members review the program review team reports and make national program recognition decisions based on NPBEA’s Program Recognition Standards. These educational leadership program decisions are used by CAEP as one part of the overall accreditation process for colleges and universities. In addition, many state departments of education use ELCC’s program review decisions to make state assessments of program quality of educational leadership programs at colleges and universities.  For more information on the CAEP accreditation process please visit:

ELCC Program Reviewer Application Process

The NPBEA encourages educational leadership practitioners and higher education faculty who prepare school and district leaders to become involved and serve as volunteers on ELCC’s educational leadership program review teams.  We encourage you to review the attached selection criteria and application process for becoming an ELCC Program Reviewer (see below). For more information on the ELCC Program Review Process please contact Ms. Honor Fede, ELCC Coordinator, at hfede (at)